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Mahtab Zarin Qeshm Co.

Mahtab Zarin Qeshm Co. has started its activity in Cosmetics and Perfumery targeting to extend the rightful commerce with other countries. Having over two decades experience of its directing manager in exporting and importing the world well-known brands and being familiar with target and global markets and also benefiting young, expert and professional staff, paved our road and led us in cooperation with some of the pioneer companies in this industry.

Presenting the best products in all three levels of , selective and niche in terms of protecting the customer's rights, cooperation with the world well-known brands and extending the rightful commerce is the paramount goal of Mahtab Zarin Qeshm Co., and it made us encouraged to reach our goal.

Join us if you are the best and seeking the best...

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We work exclusively with the world's bests:

Everyone wants the bests:

M.Z.Q believes to the fact that " all men deserve the best " and our first goal before starting any business by use of opinion poll carry out scientific survey and analyze Iranian market as one of the biggest cosmetics, perfume and accessories market in the middle east which is providing highly desirable products with reasonable price and high quality. Therefore, all of the M.Z.Q products are the best choice for settling your needs.

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